evernote真神奇 在手機上開新筆記 會自動產生標題耶!
不過 每次都一直跳toast說low on memory 有點
沒辦法阿 你是兩年前過時的產品 只有512mb
再撐一下呀 好歹你還有鍵盤可以炫耀(茶)

I don't understand what they are thinking.
Maybe I will some day...
That's why I don't like to be part of them.
Once you made some critical decisions, they must not be accepted by all of others.
To achieve one conclusion, and the only one with other noises, must be sacrificed.
Obviously we shall get one in near future.
According to the messages from near high end, we should get the inevitable result soon.

Am I satisfied? No, and maybe never.

When you are at some positions, you cannot hide from everyone else.
Even you have some quite good enough reasons.
You can't change by your own, but it is a start.
Maybe it just like throwing a small stone into a pool.
Only can you hope is the ripple is large enough to start a wave, or tide.

On the way back to Home, sitting all alone.
So I have many time on what I'm doing now.
To forgive, to forget, and to remember.

Memory too low.
I guess i have to reboot now...
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