Recently i found that i was much easier to get angry.
Some of them may not be related to my projects, and some may.
They are in common related to one person most guys in my department.
A person can be so un-welcome is not that easy... maybe not...
However, i can find a little peaceful in daily work since i started to work on our own project which is a pure app!
After so many years, I always know that only in creating these new great work can make me happy.
Obviously it is not that soon i can get out of all those fu*king tests.

Very long time ago when i was a chid studying in elementary school, i like to drawing something.
At that moment i can create something like no other can do.
Before going into junior high, i learned that there is always someone better than you.
And most important! I can't ever live with my drawing.
I still remember once I and some classmates went to see my art teacher in elementary school.
He asked about our recent status then he said: you are still in the way of creation. They are just in different appearences.
Even that after so many years, I still like these words.
(Of course he said in chinese, not english)

I know why i will be happy when i create a new app, and upset about the maintaining those shits with the factory.
It is my nature, and no one can't resist it!
Who knows? Maybe I will choose another way after I'm 30.

Just arrived Taichung, and it's crowded!
I guess it is better to write this in english because i'm using my milestone2.
So long time not to update my pixnet.
This is a mountain line train and we are about to Maioli.
A lot of tunnels during these area and i may post these after arriving Hsinchu.

Yesterday i once again change my phone theme as honeycomb one and a new wallpaper.
I can understand that the feeling to open the android market and see if something interesting or my app has a new update.
Like a box of chocholate, you never know what you're going to get.
The 2 annoying kids got off the train at Changhwa, and now comes 4 girls taking loud.
The train is now at Fengyuan and about to leave.
Still an hour and a half to my destination.

Very surprised that I've done the book "Dear John".
I bought this book because it has an adapted movie at that time.
Seems to be a long time I didn't read any books.
However, I'm still buying new books.
Clearly I need to spend some time on these unread books.
Many of these new books are about how to change your life, change your mind.
So called couraging books. (Too few words I know...)
Old habits die hard.
Some will easily kill or destory you in an instant.
I have some, but better only know by myself...

By my side is a man with iPhone 3gs, whose destination is Taipei.
I'm so boring that observing people around.
One reason I'm not reading books is that is too shaking since Yuanlin and very noisy.
Recently I did not take train so often because it is crowdy.
Another reason is it costs to much time.
I really do hope to buy a car, driving by myself.
We can control the time and be more comfortable.
I should check the investment of the stock market.
Maybe it is time to move some money from one business to another.

I missed a lot of things...
Especially those I can't take back...
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